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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Working and playing Weekend!!

We are getting ever so close to the time where we will be able to move into our house. Bob the Builder was bound and determined to get our lawn in this weekend. So Saturday he rented a tiller - he wanted to hire someone for 4 times as much as the cost of the tiller but I don't trust the person and not so nicely put my foot down about it. He then got a bit upset and said that the kids and I better be there to help. I don't think he thought that we would show up but we did. Guess what he did??? He sent us home - said there wasn't anything we could do - this was about noon, after the boys soccer game (I'll get to that later). I played along and went home but at around 3, we went back - he didn't expect us to show up either ;) I actually learned how to drive the tractor!! I have never driven a lawn mower in my life!! That is coming from a girl whose daddy worked for and owned his own Agway store for most of life so far lol!! It was actually a lot of fun and if I can convince him to let me mow the lawn this summer, I'm thinking I just might do that :) Anyway, I have issues with my left hand so I didn't pick up that many rocks myself but the boys did 4 wagon loads of rocks!! I was extremely impressed. Austin asked me if picking up the rocks would give him stamina - where does a 9 year old come up with that question?? - I told him of course so he would keep working lol!! Daddy was impressed too!! So much so that he sent us home before the job was done!! It was getting dark and they were beat.

Yesterday was also their first spring soccer game of the year. Andy is finally in the U10 - I moved him up a little early to keep my life somewhat simpler. The fields aren't together and daddy is too busy to count on being at games and I HATE leaving either one of them alone at a game. Last fall, I was back and forth between fields and it was a nightmare!! Don't have to worry about that for a year and a half again!! Andy was nervous playing on the big field and with a real ref but he loved it and did great - he even had an assist!!! Austin said he had one too but I guess I missed that... All in all, it was a great game - we aren't sure if they won or tied but in AYSO they aren't supposed to keep score anyway. They had a lot of fun and that's all that matters!!

Today Bob the Builder got the lawn seeded while our awesome neighbor brought his roller over and rolled the dirt smooth for us. The neighbors that we are gaining by our move are incredible and I can't wait to pay them back for their kindness!!!

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  1. Bob told me he was FLOORED with how long you were out there with the boys picking rock. He said the boys did an amazing job when he picked up the straw! :)