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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't think that I am very good at this blogging thing but I guess if nothing else, it will serve as a journal of sorts for me.. Yesterday was a good day - my boys wanted to go shopping, for very selfish reasons. They had each purchased a used video game at Game Stop and you have 7 days to return the game. It's kind of nice because they can try a game and if they don't like it, you don't have to lose a bunch of money.. So Austin knew right away, before we even got home (they brought their DS's with them) that he hated his game. Sidenote - I told him it seemed like a stupid game but he had to have it!! Andrew liked his game but needed my help to play it and I am just not into Spiderman. So they had to get to Game Stop before Monday to get their money back. Andrew told me he loved to shop with me so I figured I'd test him and we'd go to Kohl's first. I had a coupon for 15% off your total purchase, even sale items. I got a new shirt to wear to church, it was $36 marked down to $10 and I got the additional 15% off that price. I got the boys a slip-n-slide too that was on sale for $8.99 and then got 15% off that. So I was happy!! The boys on the other hand, not so much. I knew he was making up how much he loved to shop with me so I tested him a little bit ;) We went to two different Game Stops and neither had a game that they wanted and that I agreed to based on the price. The Wii game they really wanted, I thought was overpriced. I promised that we would come home and get one on ebay cheaper. Well, I was wrong... There were only 2 listed and they were both starting bids of $50 and $68 - a whole lot more than the one we saw that morning. I thought I was in trouble. I told Andrew to call Game Nutz. Game Nutz is a store here in Sherrill that is just like Game Stop only with a local owner. He has a second shop in Canastota but they don't have nearly the inventory that the Sherrill store has. As luck would have it, he had one copy of the game Andrew wanted, the cost $22.99 used. I thought that was better than $50 or $70 so I told them to get their wallets and we'd go get it. Then I had a thought - I told them to go through their games and see if they have any that they never play. We could take them and just see how much he'd offer them. They found about 6 games but a couple of them didn't have the booklets inside. I know we have them and that you get more for the game if you have the book, so we took 3 with us. The guy checked them all out and told the boys he could give them $20 cash or trade them even for the game they wanted - since the game was 23, that was a no-brainer lol!! I highly recommend Game Nutz - it's a great store and the employees are super nice. It's a local guy trying to make a go of it and the selection is incredible for what looks like a tiny store.

Today at church, we named our new Christian Education Director - Kathy Bruno. I am extremely involved in my church - my church family is more like a family to me than some of our real relatives!! I am so excited to start working with Kathy that I'm creating things for her to do lol!! Better not tell her that!! I know there are a lot of things that we can be doing and having a CE director again will make it easier!! I was also blown away by a couple different people in church today. Two different people, came up to be out of the blue, and said when we move into our house, they want to help us. One of them just finished Chemotherapy not too long ago. The kindness overwhelms me - I just can't believe it!!!

We also started taking sign ups for an at home bible study - it's a marriage series. We didn't have a huge turn out but we are up to about 7 couples right now and I'm excited about that. It is open to everyone, whether they attend our church or not, so if you're interested let me know and I will get you the details. Here is a link to our first study:

Today is my brother's birthday so we are going to celebrate with a BBQ - God has provided us with a beautiful sunny day and I can't wait to take more of it in!!! It is also our dog Gizmo's 13th birthday. We have to get to the store to pick up some Frosty Paws for her!! She loves those things!!!

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