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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drama and Deals

Last night I attended the Oneida High School Drama Dept presentation of "South Pacific". I was blown away by the talent of those kids. The singing and acting are amazing!!! One of the girls from our church had one of the leads, Bloody Mary, and to see her up there in that role - I can't even put it into words... The accent that she pulled off, even while singing, was unbelievable!! There is one more show tonight and I believe tickets are still available - if you're in the Oneida area, you should go - you won't be disappointed!!! Best $8 I've spent for entertainment in a very long time!!

I was just at Snapfish and they have a spin to win game - you get 3 spins. All 3 of my spins landed on the one unlucky wedge - what are the odds of that?? I'd say it's rigged....If there were 3 or 4 of that wedge, I wouldn't question it but since there was one and it slowly stopped on that one each time - well.... I did get 10 free prints as a consolation prize and they are offering free shipping for their birthday right now. I am an avid picture taker. I don't have enough pictures of my oldest since we weren't really into the digital age until he was at the age where he didn't want to have his picture taken so my other two boys are suffering the consequences of me having to scramble for pictures of their brother for his graduation. That won't happen to them. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for photo deals. Walgreens is my main source. This week alone I've rec'd 20 free prints, several collages for 80% off, a free 8 x 10, and today they are offering 20 prints for 20 cents. Snapfish photos can also be picked up at a Walgreen's so be on the lookout for their deals as well and you won't have to pay to ship them. You have 30 days to pick up your prints. I have mine printed at the store near my chiropractor and I pick them up when I have an appointment.

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