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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and memories

WOW!! It's been a long time since I "journaled" here!! Today was Mother's Day and it was a very snowy day here in Central NY!! I don't love waking up to white ground on the 9th of May, that's for sure but fortunately it doesn't stick around when it does snow this late in the spring... So, we went to church and participated in the annual Deacon's Scholarship Pie Auction. It's funny to watch people bid those pies up to $40 and $50 dollars. It's for a good cause and everyone has a great time!! This year, my oldest brother is going to Italy for work purposed so he couldn't be here with us. My other brother and his family came to my parents house, my mom cooked - what's wrong with that picture???? - and I helped as much as i could when I got home from church. My husband's truck lost it's brakes last night, fortunately he was able to limp it to our house (the one we don't live in yet) so he beelined out of church and got to work on fixing that. We had a nice family meal, conversation, and dessert. When my brother's family left, I took Bob to our house to get his truck and he stayed to do a few more things. We've been building our house for almost a year and living at my parents for almost a year and a half, so he is anxious to get it done and live there!! I am too but I do admit it would be nice to see him a little more than we currently do... He worked til 9 tonight but that is 2 and a half hours earlier than last night. My husband is nothing if he's not dedicated when he starts a project!!

Yesterday, we went to store after store in New Hartford. I was trying so hard to find my mom a great gift for Mother's Day. Just that afternoon she was dusting some things off and told me the problem with knick-knacks is that there's no way to keep them dust free!! So I was careful not to buy anything like that. My brother has an amazing green house and he always does some nice baskets up for her so I didn't really want to go the flower route. Then I thought about a printer for her laptop because when we move out, she will have to come to my house to get anything she wants printed... I actually had one in the cart but then I didn't know if she'd rather pick one out herself - maybe she'd want a copier, scanner, fax machine.... So after going into Home Depot, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Pier 1, Walmart, Michaels, and Joann Fabrics, I went home with nothing - except complaining kids, that is!! I decided that we would give her something she really wants - when we move out, I heard her tell my dad that she'd like our rooms painted. They haven't been painted since they built the house almost 19 years ago!! So we are going to paint the bedrooms, hallway, foyer, and maybe 2 of the bathrooms!! Not sure if that's an ideal Mother's Day gift but it seemed to work for her. I also got her a collage of photos from our day at EPCOT this year. That is still at Walgreen's though since I haven't been to Syracuse to get it...

My mother's day gift was a phone call from Matthew :) He's in the Navy and couldn't be home, I'm just glad he remembered to call lol!! I told Austin and Andrew that all I want from them is to get along, and they are trying very hard!!!

I have to note this here as a remembrance too - the other night we did dinner at my in-laws for Mother's Day and on the way there, Andrew asked, "will we be home by 8:30, 7:30 central???" He watches the Disney channel and a new show was coming on and that is how they advertised it, it was so cute, one of those things I dont' want to forget!!! :)

On a very sad note, this is the 2nd anniversary of a very bad accident here in town that killed a teenager. A very special young lady in my life was very close to him and she still misses him terribly. Several of the kids go to the tree that the car hit, as a memorial for Ryan. She posted on facebook tonight that she thought the tree was supposed to be to remember Ryan, not to gossip about others... I give her so much credit for being able to speak her mind and to speak up for what is right. She is a great young lady and I am very proud to know her!! I should mention that no drugs or alcohol were involved in this accident, it took place on a hilly street in town where kids have always tried to get "air". My son was a senior that year and had gone all through school with the driver. It hit too close to home and made me wish all the more that there could be more in our area for kids to do. I don't have a solution but won't give up hope that I, or someone, will come up with one..

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