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Friday, August 19, 2011

Making magic for some special girls

Most people that know me, know that the one place in the world that I wish I could "beam" myself to at any given moment is Walt Disney World (Disneyland would work too!!).  We go every year for a week and if it weren't so darn far away, we'd go more than that!!  I have learned how to do Disney on a dime, as they say.  Several of my friends come to me for advice when they are planning their trips and I love it because it puts me back in the magic without actually being there (not quite the same but helping make magic for others is like being there for me :) 

A very special lady in my church family is taking 2 of her granddaughters next month and when she asked me a few questions, I immediately wanted to plan everything with her lol.  I asked her if she would mind if I made up some treats for the girls before they go.  I don't ever get to do the girly end of Disney - the closest I came was taking the boys for cool dudes in the castle and Austin HATED me for it because he thought he was getting a princess hairdo the whole time - so much for surprises not backfiring....

I am planning on making them each a t-shirt, getting them lanyards and giving them some of our trading pins, and making them each autograph cards and pressed penny holders.  Hoping there are some other Disney girl experts out there that can add to these ideas.  Pippa is going to turn 6 while they are there and Kiara is 11 (this is her second trip). 

I'm going to look for my photopass pictures of Austin in the chair for his cool dude - tell me if looks could kill where would I be???

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  1. That is so nice of you to help them plan and make sure their trip is as neat as your experience always is!

    And the story about Aussie, LOL!!!