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Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking time to chat and new beginnings

Yesterday was a busy day for us - The Cable Guy showed up at 8:30 and worked away at running lines to our house, drilling into our basement, and all that goes along with "connecting" us to the outside world.  We had school work to get done while he was here.  Then a friend stopped by, she is letting me borrow her LCD Projector so we can have a drive-in movie at our house this weekend.  We never did anything to celebrate my Aussie's birthday so I hope this will make up for it.  22 kids are coming over tomorrow to see a movie that he hasn't even chosen yet!!  So she gave me a brief tutorial on how to hook that up to my laptop.  Then my oldest son's girlfriend came over on her lunch hour.  She is having a hard time with him going off to his new adventure and it was nice to just sit and talk with her over lunch.  We are going to plan a party for my son while he's home. It will be hard to do since he's only home from the 20th to the 27th of December!!  We're going to try and have something on the 26th, if we can get a place to have it! 

I spent the rest of my time during the day putting a mailing together for our church family.  We are having a special event on the 26th - Come as you are - come back to church if you haven't been there in a while.  See how we've changed and the best part, after worship - a continental breakfast will be served!!  We are going to be making breakfast pizzas (Yummy!!) and muffins, fruit, pastries, all kinds of great things!!  We made up full color invitations to send out and we are hoping that people will let go of any "issues" that caused them to stop coming and give us another try.  I know first hand many reasons to walk away from church, I've been through it and have been close to walking out those doors to never return, but I am so thankful I didn't.  I have found new hope and a new way to deal with the people that made me want to leave - if I left, they win and ultimately, I lose!!  If I want things to be different, I have to be a part of that change and I am excited about what we have coming down the road.

Another new beginning is our elementary children's youth program.  Registration was last night and 22 kids showed up for it, with others mailing in their registrations.  It's going to be a busy year there.  We have a great group of people running this ministry and I am looking forward to the changes that we've put in for this year.  A lot of fun things are planned and I hope that the kids all enjoy them!!  I also hope that I am able to handle the 6th grade group of kids that I'm sure to have  - they may be a tough crowd.  Lots of prayer will get me through that, just like it does everything else in my life :)

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