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Monday, September 13, 2010

Pledge to be Positive

This is a photo I wanted to upload yesterday - don't know why I like it so much but I do - 3 cousins sharing french fries at a football game... Maybe it's because the kids didn't even really know each other before this summer because they never see each other and now my boys are asking all the time when they can see "T" again - Love it!!

Today was an amazing day!! It started out gloomy but the rains passed and the sky was a most beautiful blue all afternoon long! We had a special treat today since my oldest is home from the Navy until tomorrow. We went to a local restaurant to meet my parents and their "Monday Lunch" friends. My son and his girlfriend, the two little boys and myself. The boys love having their big brother around. He played tic tac toe and beat them with no mercy, game after game. They didn't care though, they just love to play with him...
The boys had soccer practice and we no sooner got there and those blue skies turned gray and the skies opened up and downpoured - HARD!! My youngest has been wanting to play in the rain, tonight, he got his wish. The skies turned blue again, pretty quickly and I knew there had to be a rainbow since the gray was all around the edges - sure enough - a full bow appeared across the sky -
I always think of Noah's Ark and God's promise with the rainbow - I was leaving soccer practice to head to my monthly committee meeting at church. We have a pretty small outreach committee but those of us that were there, could've talked til morning! We are planning a back to church Sunday in a few weeks and we were talking about reasons people don't go to church, based on some booklets that we have showing the top 10 reasons people leave church. We want to work on any areas in our church that could lead someone to one of those reasons. We talked about the reasons that people have left and how the whole reason for going to church gets clouded over - we aren't there to make friends (although we are fortunate that we do), we are there to worship God and give Him the glory! The best way to worship God is to love one another and we want to make that the focus of our church family- we are a family and like all families, we will have arguements, disputes, we won't always like what someone else is doing but above all else, we are there to LOVE as God commanded us to. It's going to take some work, but we, as the outreach committee, hope to make it the goal of our church to "Pledge to be Positive" and stomp out the negative, we truly believe that being positive will be contagious!!

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