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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day three February 5th

February 5 – As part of the mousesavers rate, we got free breakfast for two. This means a free bagel and coffee or you can upgrade to the buffet for $6 each. The kids were 3.99 so against my better judgement, we did it. We should've stuck to the bagels and let Bob pay the $8 for the buffet. It was awful – my kids hated the syrup and wouldn't even eat the Mickey waffles!!

There isn't one thing good that I could say about the breakfast and it was a big waste of $20 because even Bob wasn't full when we left and that is unusal for him!! We went to Downtown Disney to pick up our tickets for the week. We went down on the homeschool plan and our tickets couldn't be added to our room so we could choose when and where we wanted to get them. I chose the day before our room reservations because we got the water parks and more option so we went to Typhoon Lagoon for the first time ever! Can I say it was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun!!

I am not a big water person, thanks to some bad experiences as a kid and of course, the first waterslide we choose, is the kind I HATE!! Gang Plank Falls – a family waterslide so we all fit in the tube but the water comes down on top of your head!!! That's the part I hate the most!! After that we did Keelhaul Falls and Mayday Falls and then walked forever (I highly recommend watershoes – our feet were so sore from walking on that rough concrete!!) to the storm slides. First we went the wrong way and then we ended up at the bottom of them so we had to walk all the way back up again. Andy wasn't too sure about this one (it's a body slide, no tube) but I told him he had no choice because there was no way that I was walking back down. It was the only way out!!  He went before me and when I got down there, he said “Let's go again!!” Again, my answer was, I'm not walking back up there lol!! So we decided to take a ride on the lazy river or Castaway Creek as it's known. That was awesome. There were literally no crowds at all so we had the river to ourselves, it seemed. The boys took turns being in tubes and just swimming. They were so good to me, making sure to push my tube away from any water that was running into the creek (that was no heated water coming out of the hoses)!! I felt like a real princess with all of that attention :) When we made it back to the start, we headed over to Shark Reef. We were going to swim with the sharks and sting rays but the feel of that 60 fresh water deterred us!! I do regret it a bit but even the 80 air temp. couldn't get me into that cold water!! We went under and watched the swimmers from below – it was so cool to see all the different fish and the sting rays are incredible!! I didn't mention this before but Andy is always very apprehensive to try a new ride (or slide in this case). We made our way over to the Crush-n-Gusher water coasters. These tubes are for 2 or 3 people and you have to carry them up many flights of stairs. I could've stayed at this ride all day except for the fact that my princess status was now gone and I had to carry said tubes up all these stairs. Since there are 4 of us, we always needed 2 tubes and they are not small tubes!! The boys weren't much help, although they tried to be. I did it 3 times and let them go with a 3 seater once. Again, we got to the top and Andy was my partner, he didn't want to do it. So we stood there aside and let others go ahead of us. I finally told him that he had to try it just once. The CM's told him that he would love it and they weren't wrong!! We did the Pineapple Plunger on our first trip and Banana Blaster on our next two. When they went back up, they did Coconut Crusher because Banana Blaster is only for 2 riders (it's the fastest of the 3!!). After we were done with the slides, we walked in the sandy white beach sand for a bit and then went to get our stuff. The boys did some pin trading and one of the CM's challenged Austin to a game of checkers. Andy and daddy were off in the changing room at the time.

When they came back, Austin wanted to finish his game so Andy and I headed up front to take some pictures. I purchased an underwater disposable camera from Amazon for a little over $7 and we used that on all the rides. We still have photos left on it so they aren't going to be developed for a little bit but I can't wait to see what kind of pictures we get from that day!!

After we went back to the hotel and changed, we headed over to The Boardwalk for lunch and to see the Syracuse game at the ESPN Club. The game was being shown on one of the outside TV's so we got lunch at the little hot dog stand and ate outside in the warm weather at half time. After the game, we did a little browsing in the gift shops and then headed back to the car. It was a bit drizzly out at this point but not bad.
I love these Surrey bikes and we will be back before the week is over to finally rent one!!  This year's trip is gong to be all about firsts!!  We aren't going to skip things that we have never done before.

The flowers are always so beautiful, no matter which resort or park you go to!!

We had some discount coupons for an outlet store so we drove down to that and wasted our time – it was a hole in the wall!! They claimed it was a Disney outlet but even though it had Disney items in it, it also had SpongeBob and the like and most of it looked fake. So we left there and decided to try the Cici's pizza with the coupon that they gave us at the hotel for that. Second time in the same day that I didn't go with my gut instincts and run away!! We had a coupon for a free buffet if you buy 2 drinks and a buffet. The adult buffet was $5.99 and the kids was $3.99. They gave us one free adult buffet and one free kids buffet but the four drinks that we had to buy cost us $9.96!!!! The pizza was GROSS, the soda was gross!! I decided to try the iced tea so I put a little in the cup to taste it and all I could smell was sulfur!!! YUCK!! So another $22 down the drain and again, nobody (but Andy) was full when we left. Back to the hotel because tomorrow we get to check in at All Star Sports!!!

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