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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun in the sun???

 I guess the saying should be fun in the snow but it's too cold, in my opinion, to have fun out there today!! When I opened the window to take these photos, a strong wind was blowing, snow was falling down and blowing up, and it was just plain bitter out there!!  Aussie has been wanting to learn to ride the snowmobile on his own - so today was the day.  I started crying when I saw him out there.  HIs big brother used to do the same thing - around and around the house for hours on end.  He didn't care that he didn't go anywhere - he was driving all by himself!!  Aussie used to watch him out the window and say "there he goes again!!"  Now it's his turn to be out there and he is beaming with joy!!  I am glad that since we have to deal with all this cold, white stuff, the kids can enjoy it.  I am longing for days of flip flops and shorts but it's a long time off (except for our little tropical break to my paradise next month!!)     
Aussie on trip 502 around the house and field on my MXZ440

 Daddy is doing the best he can to keep the little guy happy since he's not big enough to ride alone, he is in his glory being pulled behind on the sled!!
                                          Gizmo says - let me in - it's too cold out here for me!!

                                         One more shot of my big boy!!

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