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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orders - who decides anyway???

Today started out pretty well.  It was still bright and sunny!  I had quite a bit of work to do on the computer today so I got to it while the boys were still sleeping.  I noticed that my son was "liking" a lot of pages on facebook so I did something I don't normally do - I turned facebook chat on.  Sure enough, there was his name with the little green circle after it :)  So we started "chatting".  His first phase of Army training was coming to end but I wasn't sure when.  It happened to be today.  He has been working 14 hours a day for the last 19 days.  He's been pretty beat at night. He had to get on a plane at 1 today to head to phase 2 at Fort Sil, in Oklahoma.  We were chatting back and forth about different things when all of the sudden, he throws in the chat that his orders have changed and he's going to Iraq on the 14th.  14th OF WHAT??? was my reply.  his reply came back - December.  I got a big lump in my throat.  It is bad enough that they took him from the Navy to the Army and that they are sending him to Iraq - (oh yeah, the location in Iraq is changing too...he will be right in Baghdad now)  but now they are taking him away from us for Christmas.  I have wrote this before but this will be our 3rd Thanksgiving without him and now we have to miss Christmas too.  I know others have missed much more but I hate how they just change things mid-stream.  We had a party for him all planned for the week of Christmas among other plans that week.  It just took the wind out of my sails today.  I don't get why orders can just change like that - it's the way of the military, I suppose..... I told him that I would write a note and tell them that he was sick and had to come home but he said that wouldn't work...I try to keep it light with him but I hate that he is doing this.  He was born in the beginning of "Desert Storm" but never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be in Baghdad one day..... 

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